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Health Care Environment: Health care organizations today face a turbulent environment. Change comes from many sources, including: governments; international economic forces; demographic shifts; lifestyle changes; and the structural evolution of the health care industry. To succeed, health care organizations must develop new approaches to health services delivery, becoming more responsive and adaptable.

A Multi-disciplinary Team: Led by Wilbert Meyer, MA, FACHE, HMI Group is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that is dedicated to serving health care organizations and professionals. HMI Group provides consultation to assist health care organizations gain the skills, strategies and techniques necessary for success. HMI Group is dedicated to helping health and human service organizations solve the management and informatics problems they face in today's rapidly changing environment.

HMI Group
University of Missouri
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Columbia, MO 65212
Ph: (866) 598-9766
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Wilbert Meyer, MA, FACHE
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Kenneth D. Bopp, PhD
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Patricia Alafaireet, PhD, MHA
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Bill Wells, PhD, MHA
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