HMI Mission Statement

The HMI Department develops, translates, and disseminates knowledge innovations and evidence-based solutions to improve the performance of complex health systems through health management and informatics to advance the health of Missouri's communities, the nation, and globally through international partners by:

  • Creating a culture of collaborative relationships in research, education, and service to generate innovative ideas and solutions;
  • Providing professional and research-oriented health management and informatics education and fostering lifelong learning;
  • Delivering data, technical assistance, and consultation by partnering with health, human service, and policy-making organizations; and
  • Developing innovative commercial products and services for health- and education-related applications.

Guiding Principles

Community - Contribute to and maintain a community of interdisciplinary scholarship and collaboration, with respect for and commitment to the ongoing mission of the HMI department.

Value - Create value through knowledge about health organizational processes using evidence-based decision making to provide solutions designed to improve health.

Knowledge - Develop learning partnerships among the faculty, students, staff, and health professionals for creating, disseminating, and applying knowledge to achieve high levels of performance of health and educational processes.

Leadership - Foster an environment in which faculty, staff, students, and alumni provide the required vision to develop and manage technical innovation and organizational change in the provision of equitable health care, in addition to developing and fostering networks for continuous professional development.

Technology - Discover and apply innovative health management and health informatics solutions to organizations for the purpose of delivering high quality, safe and valued health care, research, and educational services.

Quality - Create an environment for excellence and continuous improvement in all educational, research, and health services delivery processes both within the HMI Department and as a service to our partners, students, alumni, and associates.