Dr. Tom Weil Teaches at Yale and Michigan

Thomas P. Weil, PhD, who at the age of 33 years became the first director of the Missouri Health Services Management program, recently taught Harvard Business School case studies to graduate students in health services administration at Yale University and the University of Michigan. In Ann Arbor and New Haven, Dr. Weil also gave a didactic session, "Hospital Consolidations: Do They Deliver What's Promised?," a follow up to his 2001 University of Michigan Press book on health networks. He concluded his remarks "that hospital mergers have fallen short of their earlier predicted outcomes." If this presentation is published, it will be his 225th paper in the health and hospital literature.

Orchestrating Dr. Weil's schedule at the University of Michigan was Christy Harris Lemak, MHA, MBA (Missouri, 1988), PhD (Michigan), who was the 1988 recipient of both the Weil and Wesbury awards at the University of Missouri. Before moving to Ann Arbor last year, Dr. Lemak was the director of the health services administration program at the University of Florida-Gainesville.

In 1958 Dr. Weil completed Yale's Graduate Programs in Hospital Administration and then the same year traveled to Ann Arbor to start his doctoral degree in health economics. So on his golden anniversary year of completing his master's degree, he returned to the classrooms once again where he completed his own graduate education.

Before coming to Missouri, Dr. Weil taught hospital administration at UCLA. While director of the Missouri program, Dr. Weil was appointed the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Visiting Professor to teach for six months in Australia. In 1971 he resigned his tenured, full professorship and spent the next 30 years in full-time hospital and health services consulting. A number of his former students became his clients.

Dr. Weil and his wife of 44 years, Janet, since 1983 live in Asheville, North Carolina, 15 acres with four horses, two dogs, and two cats. Jan is an active community volunteer and Dr. Weil still rides a horse on the 6,000 acre Biltmore Estate at canter.