HMI Participating in HAMPCAS

We are pleased to announce that our Health Services Management (MHA) program is a participant of the Healthcare Administration, Management & Policy Centralized Application System (HAMPCAS).

Full press release from AUPHA.

This means that applicants can now apply to health management, administration, and policy programs across different colleges and universities throughout the U.S by way of a single, web-based application. The benefits to applicants of using HAMPCAS are many, including:

  • Decreases the time and cost of applying to multiple programs.
  • Eliminates duplication of effort that used to require applicants submit multiple copies of credentials, transcripts, essays, and more.
  • Allows for the customization of essays and/or the use of a standard essay. Select which option, for each school applied to, within one online application.
  • Allows completing your application over multiple sittings before submitting to all schools simultaneously, and updating your application with new information after the application has already been initiated.
  • Enables you to check your application status and progress within the system, from anywhere you have internet access.
  • Enables one-time payment for all applications via secure e-commerce.

We will begin accepting applications via HAMPCAS beginning September 7, 2011. Please check back for the HAMPCAS portal to open for application submission then. Note: Students submiting an application through HAMPCAS are still required to complete the Graduate School Application at