Research Center Receives $2.13 Million Grant for Health Survey

The Health and Behavioral Risk Research Center (HBRRC) at the University of Missouri has been awarded an $2.13 million grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health to conduct a 2016 county-level health surveillance study.

The Health and Behavioral Risk Research Center is located within the Department of Health Management and Informatics at MU's School of Medicine. Bill Wells, PhD, MA, MHA, will serve as principal investigator of the project.

"The 2016 County-level Study is the largest health surveillance survey ever conducted in Missouri," Dr. Wells said. "The HBRRC will survey 54,200 Missouri residents in 2016.. Data collection will begin in January and run through December 2016." . The study will produce county prevalence estimates for a number of health issues. The information collected will provide health professionals and policy makers with an improved and better understanding of the health status and unique needs of communities.

An overview of the 2016 County-level Study design and data that will be collected is available at