HMI Faculty: Gordon Brown, PhD

Emeritus Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Gordon D. Brown, Ph.D. is an Emeritus Professor of Health Management and Informatics with research interests in information technology as an enabling science for transforming work processes and health organizations and systems. Research includes the capture and use information/knowledge structured around the logic of clinical work processes. This logic includes structured mental processes of sufficient rigor that communities of practice extract latent and tacit knowledge. Research includes quality improvement and value in primary and chronic care systems. He was founding chair of the Department of Health Management and Informatics at MU a member of the Steering Committee that developed the Ph.D. Program in Informatics and the MU Informatics Institute. The HMI Department initiated the Center for Health Care Quality whose work was referenced in the IOM Report, To Err is Human. He has published extensively on health systems transformation including a recent book on Strategic Management of Information Systems in Healthcare. He worked for the World Health Organization, held faculty positions at the Universidad del Valle in Colombia, and the Pennsylvania State University and is currently involved in a number of international initiatives. He served and Chaired the Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration, the Association of University Programs in Health Administration, and the Professional Certification Committee of the American College of Health Administrators.

Research Areas: Knowledge management; Health organization collaboration

Consulting Activities: International health care management

Representative Publications:

  • Brown GD, Stone TT, Patrick TB, Strategic Management of Information Systems in Healthcare, Health Administration Press.
  • Khatri N, Brown GD, Hicks L. From a Blame Culture to a Just Culture in Health Care, Health Care Management Review

Courses Taught: Management of Health Care Organizations; Knowledge Management in Health Care