HMI Faculty: Lanis Hicks, PhD

Associate Chair of HMI
(573) 882-8418
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Hicks is a health economist. Her research interests are rural health, workforce requirements, electronic health record adoption and meaningful use, and economic evaluations. A component of this research has been the development of general indicators of physician requirements and, specifically, detailed analyses of the changing specialty and geographic distribution of physicians. She has also focused on evaluating the cost-effectiveness of technologies in the delivery of health care, and been involved with a multi-disciplinary team identifying and evaluating measures of quality in nursing homes and the relationship between cost and quality. Dr. Hicks is the PI and Director of the Missouri Health Information Technology Assistance Center (MO HIT AC). In recognition of her contributions, Dr. Hicks was the recipient of the 1999 National Rural Health Association's Distinguished Researcher award.

Research Areas: Evaluation of the cost effectiveness of technologies in the delivery of health care, including telehealth; development of general indicators of physician requirements and the changing specialty and geographic distribution of physicians; identification and evaluation measures of quality in nursing homes and the relationship between cost and quality, adoption, implementation, and meaningful use of EHRs.

Consulting Activities: World Health Organization (WHO), Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), other international projects and consulting activities with various health care organizations in the U.S.

Representative Publications:

  • Rantz MJ, Zwygart-Stauffacher M, Hicks L, Mehr D, Flesner M, Petroski GF, Madsen RW, Scott-Cawiezell J (2012). "Randomized Multilevel Intervention to Improve Outcomes of Residents in Nursing Homes in Need of Improvement." JAMDA 13: 60-68.
  • Hicks L (March 2011). "Making Hard Choices: Rationing Health Care Services." Journal of Legal Medicine 32(1): 22-50.
  • Rantz M, Alexander G, Galambos C, Flesner MK, Vogelsmeier A, Hicks L, Scott-Cawiezell J, Zwygart-Stauffacher M, Greenwald L (March 2011). "The Use of Bedside Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to Improve Quality of Care in Nursing Facilities: A Qualitative Analysis." Computers, Informatics, Nursing 29(3): 149/156. Also republished in 2012 Computers, Informatics, Nursing Topical Collection 30(1): TC3-TC10.
  • Rantz M, Hicks L, Petroski G, Madsen R, Alexander G, Galambos C, Conn V, Scott-Cawiezell J, Zwygert-Stauffacher M, Greenwald L (September 2010). "Cost, Staffing, and Quality Impact of Bedside Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in Nursing Homes. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 11(7), 485-493.
  • Edison KE, Ward D, Dyer J, Lane W, Chance L, Hicks L (November 2008). "Diagnosis, Diagnostic Confidence, and Management Concordance in Live-Interactive and Store-and-Forward Teledermatology Compared to In-Person Examinations." Telemedicine and e-Health 14(9): 889-895.
  • Scott-Cawiezell J, Vogelsmeier A, McKenney C, Rantz M, Hicks L, Zellmer D (Jul-Sep 2006). "Moving from a Culture of Blame to a Culture of Safety in the Nursing Home Setting." Nursing Forum 41(3): 133-140.
  • Aucar JA, Hicks L (December 2005). "Economic Modeling Comparing Trauma and General Surgery Reimbursement." American Journal of Surgery 190(6): 932-940.
  • Demiris G, Speedie SM, Hicks L (December 2004). "Assessment of Patients' Acceptance of and Satisfaction with Teledermatology." Journal of Medical Systems 28(6): 575-579.

Courses Taught: Health Economics in both the residential and executive mode and the Design of Health and Human Services Systems in the executive mode

Other Activities or Awards:

  • Recipient of Distinguished Researcher Award, National Rural Health Association, 1999
  • Recipient of Outstanding Professor Award, Health Services Management, 2006-07, 2004-05, 2000-01, 1999-00, 1998-99, 1996-97, 1992-93, 1989-90, 1987-88, 1986-87, 1985-86, 1982-83
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Harvard University, Center for Community Health and Medical Care, 1976-77
  • United States Department of Labor, Manpower Fellowship, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1974
  • National Science Foundation, Graduate Studies Fellowship in Computer Science, University of Missouri-Rolla, 1969-70