HMI Faculty: Julie M. Kapp, MPH, PhD

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Julie M. Kapp's research spans the fields of epidemiology, public health, health program and policy evaluation, health promotion, and disease prevention (particularly cancer). Her focus across all of these fields is bridged by her interests related to a balanced quality and quantity of life.

Her faculty appointments have included notable roles, such as the Director of the Health and Behavioral Risk Research Center (2005-2007), Margaret Proctor Mulligan Faculty Scholar (2009-2012) for her breast cancer research, and the Director of the Partnership for Evaluation, Assessment, and Research (2012-2014). She has served as an NIH grant reviewer, an Associate Editor for BMC Cancer, and a journal reviewer for such notable titles as Cancer, International Journal of Cancer, and The Lancet. She is currently one of 14 Fellows nationally selected into the Malcolm Baldrige Executive Fellows Program (2014-2015).

Dr. Kapp is an alumnus of Mizzou with Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Sociology. She completed her graduate work from Saint Louis University with a Masters and Doctorate in Public Health, concentrated in epidemiology.


Dr. Kapp's current work is focused on the following areas:

  1. The statistic that 50% of premature mortality is preventable has been around longer than contemporary scientists realize: at least 100 years. Are we making progress in U.S. population health?
  2. How can we more effectively implement population health components of the Affordable Care Act to improve health behaviors and health outcomes using systems thinking?
  3. How can we improve the interface between primary care and public health?

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Theodore Roosevelt said "Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care." Successful companies understand this when they market to you. For a brief explanation, see "Start with Why". How can public health and medicine use this concept for health promotion and disease management?