Notice to Students Regarding Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening

The Health Management & Informatics (HMI) Department does not require a criminal background check or drug screening as a condition of admission to the program. However, criminal background checks and drug screenings are routine parts of the onboarding process at many of the healthcare organizations where students may be placed to complete their summer internship. A criminal background check and drug screen are also required for any student who needs to obtain a University of Missouri Health Care (MUHC) badge in order to complete an internship, Executive Management Studies (EMS) project, or other project in any of the University of Missouri Health System facilities.

A three-month (12 week) summer internship and EMS project are required to obtain the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree. Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI) students who choose to complete an internship or who require a MUHC badge in order to undertake independent project work should also expect to undergo a criminal background check and drug screening. Criminal history and/or failure to pass a drug screen may result in an organization refusing to accept a student as an intern, or in a student being unable to obtain a MUHC badge.

Students who have a criminal record of any kind are expected to notify HMI's Director of Academic Programs and Executive-in-Residence, who coordinates internship placements for all HMI students, upon matriculation in the program. The Director of Academic Programs and Executive-in-Residence will meet with the student to discuss the potential implications for the completion of the summer internship and future employment. HMI has no obligation to place a student in a summer internship or other placement with MUHC or another facility.

A positive criminal background check or the failure of a required drug screen may place a student in jeopardy of being unable to complete all degree requirements. In addition, students may become subject to action under the University of Missouri student conduct rules and regulations as a result of a failed drug test or other adverse action relating to an internship, externship or other placement.

If you have any questions regarding these matters prior to application for enrollment, your questions may be directed to: Dr. Sue Boren, Director of Academic Programs.