Executive Graduate Certificate in Health Ethics

The Department of Health Management and Informatics in partnership with the MU Center for Health Ethics offers an online Certificate in Health Ethics that requires completion of four graduate courses:

  • HMI 7564: Health Ethics Theory - covers topics in metaethics and normative ethics with a focus on how they relate to situations and controversies in healthcare; includes the status of moral norms, utilitarianism, deontology, distributive justice, cultural relativism, methods of ethics case workup, and ethics consultations and committees.
  • HMI 8565: Healthcare Ethics - analysis and discussion of topics in clinical ethics such as abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, healthcare resource allocation, and relationships between clinicians and patients.
  • HMI 7567: Health Organizational Ethics - consideration of the morality of issues arising in the management of healthcare organizations, including moral responsibilities of healthcare organizations, codes of ethics, marketing practices, conflicts of interest, and obligations to employees and patients.
  • HMI 7566: Health Informatics Ethics - discussion of moral problems and controversies arising in the use and management of health information; issues include privacy and confidentiality, controversial documentation practices, use of decision support, and computer system errors.

The Certificate program is ideal for working professionals such as physicians, nurses, healthcare administrators, those serving on hospital ethics committees or considering such health ethics issues in their daily employment, and students in the health professions. The Certificate program will help the learner develop an understanding of the ethical issues related to health and healthcare and will foster skill in analyzing and resolving ethical problems and conflicts in the healthcare environment.

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For more information, contact:

Veronica Lemme
Coordinator of Student Recruitment & Admissions
(573) 884-0698