Executive Program Costs and Financial Aid

Cost of Two-Year Executive MHA Degree
Tuition -- $800/credit hour x 42 credit hours $33,600.00
IT Fee -- $13.00/credit hour x 42 $546.00
Total $34,146.00


Cost of Two-Year Executive MSHI Degree
Tuition -- $750/credit hour x 33 credit hours $24,750.00
IT Fee -- $13.00/credit hour x 33 $429.00
Total $25,179.00


Cost of Three-Year Executive Dual MHA/MSHI Degree
MHA Tuition -- $800/credit hour x 39 credit hours $31,200.00
HI Tuition -- $750/credit hour x 18 credit hours $13,500.00
IT Fee -- $13.00/credit hour x 57 $741.00
Total $45,441.00


Cost of Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics
Tuition -- $750/credit hour x 12 credit hours $9,000.00
IT Fee -- $13.00/credit hour x 12 $156.00
Total $9,156.00


Cost of Graduate Certificate in Informatics for Public Health
Tuition -- $500/credit hour x 12 credit hours $6,000.00
IT Fee -- $13.00/credit hour x 12 $156.00
Total $6,156.00


Computing Resources: All HMI students are expected to have a laptop computer with the following specifications currently recommended by the Division of Information Technology (http://doit.missouri.edu/software/):

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or above
  • Productivity: Microsoft Office 2013 or later
  • Anti-virus: Microsoft Security Essentials

Software can be purchased for reduced prices through the TigerTech website. If students do not wish to work exclusively in a windows environment, dual boot and Parallels should be considered.

Note: Due to the computing intensive courses present in the HI program, all informatics students are required to have a laptop PC. Note that a Mac is not acceptable due to the difficulty of installing and operating various computational tools used in these courses.

Funding for Executive Students

All executive students who file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and receive a financial aid offer from MU will have a travel budget built into their aid offer. Students who will have transportation and hotel expenses for executive weekends have the option to accept the travel budget, or a portion thereof.

Benefit-eligible MU employees may wish to take advantage of MU's Educational Assistance program. The Educational Assistance Program provides a 75% reduction in tuition for up to six credit hours (two courses) in the Fall and Spring semesters and three credit hours (one course) in the Summer semester. Since the regular, two-year executive MHA degree requires nine credit hours (three courses) per semester, some MHA students who are MU employees choose to extend the degree out over three years in order to receive the maximum tuition benefit on all of their courses. HMI has a three-year plan of study available for students in this situation. The executive MSHI degree requires a maximum of two courses per semester, and MU employees can complete the MSHI degree for just 25% of the regular tuition within the normal, two-year timeframe.

External Scholarship Opportunities