International Student Aid

Tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year are available at The MHA degree requires 54 credit hours, the MS in Health Informatics degree requires 36 credit hours, and the dual MHA/MS degree requires 69 credit hours. International students will be charged the Graduate non-resident fee in addition to Graduate tuition, unless they have a Graduate Assistantship position or an additional source of funding. Students are responsible for all other required fees - course fees, health fee, recreation fee, student activity fee, IT fee, and international student services fee - regardless of assistantship status. All international students are required to carry medical insurance and will be automatically enrolled in the university's international student insurance plan through Aetna.

Before the University of Missouri can issue immigration documents, international students must provide evidence of financial support, and must show adequate funding for at least one year (12 months) at MU based on current estimated annual expenses. Please note that estimated annual expenses as listed on the International Center website and on your immigration documents are based on an assumption of enrollment in 9 credit hours in each Fall and Spring semester. Credit hours vary semester to semester, but MHA students should plan to enroll in 12 to 16 hours per semester, and MS in Health Informatics students should plan to enroll in 10-13 hours per semester. For sample plans of study, see for MHA and MS in Health Informatics. For a current listing of tuition and fees, see Office of Cashiers website. Evidence of financial support should reference the specific amount of available funds and account information on official bank letterhead. If the bank document is that of a sponsor, the sponsor must submit an affidavit or letter of support. The link to the Affidavit of Support for your sponsor to fill out and return is available at Further information for international applicants is provided at If HMI awards you an assistantship, the award will be referenced in your offer letter and will outline the financial support granted. HMI will provide the MU Office of Graduate Studies with a copy of your offer/award letter.

International applicants will be considered for Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) positions in HMI. GRA positions are highly competitive, and are awarded on a merit basis. Students may apply for GRA and Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) positions in other university departments and programs. To be hired as a GTA, international students must achieve a satisfactory score on the SPEAK test, which is administered by the International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP). The employing department is responsible for verifying a student's SPEAK score.

Curator's Grant-in-Aid: The Curator's Grant-in-Aid scholarship (GIA) is awarded to international students who have completed at least two regular semesters of study at MU. GIA scholarships for graduate students waive from one to nine credit hours of tuition per semester. GIA scholarships are awarded on a semester by semester basis, and students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be eligible. Financial need is also taken into account by the GIA Review Committee in awarding the scholarships.