Internships and Fellowships

Students in the residential HSM and Informatics programs have several opportunities to conduct research and acquire field experience. After the completion of 30 hours of course work and with the approval of the department, the student can enroll in, designated as HMI 8689 - Field Experience.

Administrative Internship: A 12-week field experience is provided in an approved integrated managed care system, group practice, hospital, or other health care organization, under the guidance of a qualified preceptor (See Educational Partners for recent examples). The internship offers students an early, intensive involvement, so that they can develop an appreciation of the profession and the complex relationships in health care organizations. In this environment students apply skills and concepts that they have learned, establishing a base for further development of professional skills during the second year of the program. Students are usually paid a monthly stipend by the host organization; the amount varies with each organization. Internship sites are determined by the student and the department. More internship details...

Post-graduate External Fellowships: Many HMI students apply for competitive external fellowships, which typically begin in the summer after graduation, lasting one or two years. You can see recent examples here.