Ph.D. in Informatics, with Emphasis in Health Informatics

The Ph.D. in Informatics, with Emphasis in Health Informatics, (apply) at the University of Missouri prepares individuals for research and scholarly careers in the application of information technology to health systems. Demand is high for individuals with skills in health and clinical informatics and graduates will have the ability to become independent investigators on faculties in informatics, health administration, medicine, nursing and other health professions, or in commercial and public research institutions.

The program is designed for students who wish to become future researchers and thought leaders in health systems being rapidly transformed through information technology. The Ph.D. program has the following broad emphasis areas:

  • Health Systems Informatics
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Consumer Health Informatics
  • Public Health Informatics

Specific core research areas include:

  • program evaluation
  • information architecture
  • decision support and knowledge systems
  • biomedical data/text mining

Each emphasis area stresses skill sets and research appropriate to the subfield within the broad area of informatics. A core curriculum provides all students with a foundation of knowledge and tools in computer sciences, statistics and health systems, after which they complete further coursework in their chosen emphasis area. The integrated program assures broad exposure to the field and fosters new insights and innovative research concepts.

Students are accepted into the program with diverse backgrounds and varying degrees of experience. Acceptance into the program is not precluded by minor deficiencies in background, but is conditional on the completion of prerequisite coursework before or during the first year of study.

Health Informatics Curriculum

The Ph.D. in Informatics, with Emphasis in Health Informatics, curriculum mainly consists of core courses and concentrations in health informatics and bioinformatics. The curriculum is multidisciplinary and research focused. The total credits required for graduation is 72 hours. The students will consult with the MUII Director of Graduate Studies to determine which courses to take.

For further information, please contact:

Administrative Staff
MU Informatics Institute (MUII)
241 Engineering Building West
Columbia, Missouri 65211-2060
573-882-9007 (voice)
573-884-8709 (fax)