Health Informatics MS Pre-2014 Curriculum (replaced in AY 2014-2015)

***NOTE: The curriculum below was replaced beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year***

Prerequisite Courses: HI candidates must complete or waive one foundation course:

  • Database Management Systems I (CS 4380/7380 or equivalent - note that the prerequisite for this course is CS 3380 - Database applications and information systems)

Algorithm Design/Programming I and II (2 semesters or CS 1050 and 2050) are highly recommended, but are not required. Note that CS 1050 has as prerequisites Math 1100 and CS 1040 or by examination; prerequisite for CS 2050 is CS 1050

Full-time students who are admitted to the program without the prerequisite will be required to enroll in 9-12 hours per semester in order to complete the program in two academic years. Since foundation courses are necessary preparation/prerequisites for required Health Informatics courses, the faculty may require special pre-assessment of the level of preparation of students who have completed analogous foundation coursework prior to enrollment in the program. An individual who waives prerequisite can complete the HI degree as follows:

MSHI Plan of Study (36 credits)
(3 credits)
  • HMI/Info Inst 7430 Introduction to Health Informatics (Fall)
(18 credits)
  • HMI 8437 - Data Warehousing and Data/Text Mining for Health Care (Fall)
  • HMI 8441 - Theory and Application of Controlled Terminologies (Spring)
  • HMI 8571 - Decision Support in Health Care Systems (Spring)
  • HMI 8573 - Decision Making for Health Care Organizations (Spring)
  • HMI 8870 - Knowledge Representation in Biology and Medicine (Fall)
  • HMI 8435 - Information Security, Evaluation, and Policy (Fall)
(elect at least two)
(6 credits)
  • HMI 8443 - Enterprise Information Architecture (Spring)
  • HMI 8478 - Knowledge Management in Health Care (Spring)
  • HMI 8600 - Social Dynamics and Health Information (Spring)
  • HMI 8610 - Consumer Informatics (Fall)

(9 credits)

  • HMI 8450 - Research Methods in HMI (3)** (Fall)
  • HMI 8090 - Thesis research (3/6)** (arr.)
  • STAT 4510/7510 - Applied Statistical Models I
  • STAT 7150 - Applied Categorical Data Analysis
  • STAT 7020 - Statistical Methods in the Health Sciences

** With approval of advisor students may elect 6 credits of HMI 8090 Thesis Research instead of HMI 8450 Research Methods in HMI.

Oral Comprehensives. All health informatics students are required to complete successfully an oral examination that enables the faculty to evaluate the student's competency in the discipline. The evaluation takes place during the student's final semester.